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  • And Then You’re Holding a Copy of Your First Book

    It happens to all of us. Some mornings I wake and immediately shake my head. It’s because before I begin the day, I’m already physically or emotionally exhausted, and I wonder how I’ll do it. How will I get through my to-do list when I already feel so tired and overwhelmed? 

  • 3 Ways to Demystify Writing

    1) Know this: there is no such thing as writer’s block. There is you, in front of your screen or holding a notebook on your lap, typing or moving the pen over the page. This can always happen. Even if you don’t know the direction the work is going. Even if you feel like every […]

  • Mend: Why It Took Six Years

    Two weeks ago I shared the news that my book, MEND, was accepted for publication by University Press of Kentucky.

  • Poetry as Protest (Protesting at the James Marion Sims Monument)

    Read about James Marion Sims, here. Sims is known as the “father of gynecology.” He conducted gynecological surgery on at least eleven slave women without anesthesia from 1845-1849 in Mt. Meigs, Alabama. This case is the subject of my book of poetry. It was the morning of the solar eclipse.

  • On Boldness

    I nursed my baby on the sidewalk. In the shadow created between two cars, I bent down and sat with her in the crook of my arm, lifted a breast out of my dress, and fed her.