3 Ways to Demystify Writing


1) Know this: there is no such thing as writer’s block. There is you, in front of your screen or holding a notebook on your lap, typing or moving the pen over the page. This can always happen. Even if you don’t know the direction the work is going. Even if you feel like every word is awful. You know how to write, so do that. An idea I’ve always liked is, “You have to get through the bad stuff to get to the good.” And I’ll repeat it again, stop expecting literary gold every time you sit down to write. The beauty comes by way of revision.

2) Feel free to cross genres, even if it’s to one you’ve never tried. Writers write. I feel like I just got a grasp of this concept last year. Just because my focus was poetry for my MFA, does that mean I’m restricted to being a poet? What’s someone going to do if I write fiction? Put me in jail? (And yes, I’m aware the cops are being called for petty things, be gone Writing Wendy. ;-)) With all the absolutely cray literature that’s been produced and published, why can’t you dip your foot in the pool?

3) Want to write a book? Open a new word document. Save it as “Manuscript.” Now you have successfully begun your book! Compile what you already have: Notes you’ve written on napkins, scraps of paper and short documents you’ve already typed. Type your written notes and cut and paste any word documents that pertain to the book. Put it all together in your manuscript. You’ve got this!

I hope these quick tips helped you to demystify the writing process. If you want info on writing a book read my blog entitled How to Write or Finish Your Book in 2018. It includes tips for setting writing goals, and beginning the process of writing. Afraid of rejection as a writer? See here.

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