Review: By Zakiya Cowan of Jet Fuel Review

Review: By Rachel Nix of Alabama Writers Forum 

New York Journal of Books

Articles on Mend

On Alabama’s Dark History of Brutalizing Dark Bodies, By Camille Dungy

An Aching Shell Worth Tenderness: The Intersection of Race, Gender,
and Medicine in Contemporary Black Women’s Poetry, By Zanice Bond

Interviews & Mentions

Consider Us Women: The Rumpus Interview by Frances Donovan

Great Writers from the American South (Video Wiki)

Cave Canem Dog Bytes

WBHM: NPR Audio Interview

Read Write Poetry Blogspot: Interview

Black Warrior Review: Local Spotlight Interview 

AWP: In the Spotlight

Puerto Del Sol

Historical Persona Poetry and the Challenge of Authority 

VIDA Reads with Writers

B-Metro Magazine

AWC: An Interview about MEND 

NaPoWroMo Interview

Taking Down Medicine’s Monuments

When Writers Become Superheros

Mend Reading at University of North Alabama

Protest in Columbia, S.C

News One 

See Jane Write


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